Serious Sportsmen's Raffle for September

 The prize for the Raffle for Serious Sportsmen for September was the Browning Silver Shotgun in 12 gauge.  The winner was Tim Dwyer.


The prize for October will be the Kimber Stainless II pistol in .45 ACP.

Monthly Meeting Raffle for September

 The September prize for the monthly meeting raffle was the Ruger Super Wrangler 22LR/22WMR Revolver.  The winner was Ron Moilien.

Equipment Raffle Winners

Here are the winners of the CVCC Equipment raffle:

1st- A choice of a LS 235HST Tractor with Loader, Argo 700 6x6, or an Argo 500LE UTV all from Coon Valley Dairy Supply or else $10,000 cash.

The winner was Lisa Fawcett. She choose the $10,000 cash.

2nd -$4,000 - Jamie Johnson
3rd - $2,000 - Barb Shulka
4th - $1,000 - Travis Fish
5th - $500 - Jeff Hastings
6th - $500 - Joe Trochinski
7th - $250 - Berent Froiland
8th - $250 - Kenny Berg
9th - $250 - Bret Benson
10th - $250 - Haakon Mathison
11th - $100 - Tom Durst
12th - $100 - Pete Holte
13th - $100 - Ron Moilien
14th - $100 - Kevin Marx
15th - $100 - Sam Hansen
16th - $100 - Tom Oldenberg
17th - $100 - Tony Galang
18th - $100 - Ronald Hoff
19th - $100 - Jason Thompson
20th - $100 - Meagan Bjornstad

Monthly Meeting Raffle for August

 The prize for the Monthly meeting raffle for August was a Charles Daly 12GA Pump 3in.  the winner was Bryan Berg.

Raffle for Serious Sportsmen winner for August

 The Serious Sportsmen's prize for August was a Browning BAR MKII rifle in .308 Win.  The winner was Marty Mathison.


The prize for September is a Browning Silver Shotgun, 12 gauge.

Military Rifle Shoot August 26th

Coon Valley Conservation Club

Military Rifle Shoot

Saturday, August 26, 2023

9:00 AM till 3:00 PM

July winner of the Monthly Meeting Raffle

 The prize for the Monthly Meeting raffle was the Savage Axis XP Bolt Action w/scope in .270 Win.  The winner was John Langaard.

Raffle for Serious Sportsmen winner for July

 The serious sportsmen's prize for July was the Vortex optics package:  Vortex Diamondback scope and Vortex strike Eagle Scope, Vortex binoculars and Vortex rangefinder.  The winner was Gary Hess.


The prize for August will be a Browning BAR MKII rifle in .308 Win.

CVCC Equipment Raffle Tickets on Sale Now

Tickets are still available for the CVCC Equipment Raffle.  Contact your usual ticket seller, a board member or email to get a ticket today before they are gone.

Raffle for Serious Sportsmen winner for June

 The Serious Sportsmen's prize for June was a Taurus Judge revolver, 45 LC/.410, and American tactical O/U shotgun, in .410 gauge.  The winner was Dan Shaha.


The prize for July is a Vortex Diamondback scope, Vortex Strike Eagle scope, a Vortex binoculars, and Vortex rangefinder.

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