Note about 2019 Serious Sportsmens Raffle Tickets

 The 2019 Serious Sportsmen's Raffle tickets have a misprint in the title.  It says 2018 instead of 2019 .  You can distinguish this coming years versus last years because the 2018 ticket is pink and the 2019 one is orange.  Also, the monthly calendars shows 2019 on the 2019 ticket.

2019 Serious Sportsmen's Raffle Tickets Available

 The Raffle for Serious Sportsmen has been put together for 2019.  See the details below.  A limited amount of 2019 Serious Sportsmens tickets are still available for sale that have not yet been spoken for.  Contact Merv Broten or Bruce King for details.



October Serious Sportsmen Raffle

 The October prize for the Serious Sportsmens Raffle was a Uberti 2874 Sharps special in .45-70.  The winner was Gary Hess.

Monthly Raffle Winner for October

 The October Monthly raffle prize was a Taurus 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol.  The lucky winner was Lonnie Turner.

Monthly Raffle Winner for September

 The drawing winner for September of the Mossberg Patriot 30-06 was Brian Storve.

September Winner of the Serious Sportsmen's Raffle


Winner of the Remington 700 Long Range in 30-06 w/ Leopold 2.5 – 12x Scope is Scott Siefkes.


Shooting Range Closed - October 6th through October 14th

Just a reminder that the shooting range is closed to shooting this week from October 6th through October 14th for the disabled deer hunt. 

August Serious Sportsmen Raffle

Winner of the August Serious Sportmen's prize of a  Leopold Ventana 20-60x Spotting Scope and a 6-12x Rifle Scope was Paul Urbanek.


Monthly Raffle Winner for August

 The monthly raffle prize for August was the Remington 870 20 gauge .  Our winner was Doug Peterson of Bangor

WMLA Scantioned "Hunters Match" for ALL Muzzleloaders Sat. Aug. 18, Noon - 4:00 PM

The CVCC will be hosting a Wisconsin Muzzleloaders Association sanctioned “Hunter's Match” for the 16th annual “Smoke in the Valley” Shoot. The match is open to both WMLA members and the general public. (WMLA Memberships will be available at the shoot for $20/yr.). Entry fee for the shoot is $10. Summary of WMLA “Hunter’s Match” Rules for the shoot are – Description of Equipment Any muzzleloading rifle or smooth bore that is legal for hunting in Wisconsin may be used. Ammunition Any acceptable hunting bullet, cloth patched round ball, naked conical, or conical with sabots are allowed. The propellant is to be Black Powder or any acceptable substitute recognized by the NMLRA. Program Rules 1. Slings and shooting sticks may be used.

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