Gun Range Fund Raising Challenge

At the April 2011 membership meeting long time member Gordon Ostrem made a donation of $100 to the Shooting Ranges Improvement Fund CD. At the May membership meeting Past President Kevin King issued a challenge to all CVCC members to match Gordon’s $100. The Board and the members of the Shooting Ranges Committee strongly support this effort.
The final phase of the Shooting Ranges Improvement Project has been completed with the installation of the security fencing, gates and cameras. The CVCC Shooting Ranges (Firearm and Archery) are now being monitored and maintained by the CVCC Shooting Ranges Committee. There will be continuing maintenance and improvement needs to keep our ranges at the high level we now enjoy. Any donations to assist in this effort will be greatly appreciated.
Shooting Ranges Improvement Fund Challenge Donations can be sent to the CVCC at our mailing address - S1005 Knudson Lane, Coon Valley, WI 54623 or given directly to any Board member.


See Photo Gallery for Gun range updates.


Presidents Challege - Gun Range Pd
Kevin King $100
Rod Ofte $100
Bill Mathison $100
Gordon Ostrem $100
Royce Curtis $100
Jim Brower $100
4H Shooting Sports Leaders $100
Kevin Traastad $100
Marty Mathison $100
Arvid Holey $100
Pete Kerska $100
Gary Gilbeck $100
Jon Lee $100
John Halverson $100
Ann Brandau $100
Michael Harger $100
Adam Gartner $100
Rod Jorgenson $100
Danny Thompson $100
Dave Torgerson $100
Don Jones $100
Bob Kelemen $100
Dave Verse $100
Corky and Gerry Roethel $100
Vernon County 4-H Shooting Sports Project $200
Russ Cornforth $100
Tommy Frydenland $100
Dave Masak $100
Paul Lewison $100
Merv Broten $100