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"Stalingrad Shoot" for Retired Military Rifles

02/04/2017 9:00 am
02/04/2017 3:00 pm

CVCC Highlighted on Ch. 19 News Firearms Safety Report Nov. 13 @ 6 PM

Ch. 19 was at the CVCC on Wed. Nov. 13 making a Firearms Safety Report for the upcoming deer season. Video and interviews were done as well as taping of shooting on the rifle range. The report will be aired on the 6:00 PM news today, Wed. Nov. 13th.


Gun Ranges Security - Member Orientation Document

The information covered in the CVCC Gun Ranges Security - Member Orientation sessions to be held on Thur. Aug. 31th at 6:00 PM and Sat. Nov. 9th at 1:00 PM is available to members on this web site. THE GATE LOCK SECURITY SYSTEM WAS ACTIVATED ON OCT. 1st. A member must have their own Access Card or be the guest of another member to enter the gun ranges.

Clink here for a copy of the member Orientaion Packet

Shooting Ranges Fence Completed

Creekside Fencing has completed the Shooting Ranges fencing and gates. The final security work will be completed by Secure Devices, LLC within the next few weeks. Some additional work will be done by CVCC members to better secure the swinging drive-thru gates and prepare the walk-thru gate for installation of the proximity reader hardware.

Successful Deer Hunts for our Handicap Hunter Guests

A very nice 8 point buck and a large doe were taken by our two handicap hunter guests during the 9 day Handicap Hunter Deer Hunt Oct. 6 - 14. Congratulations to both! Check out the buck picture in the Photo Gallery.

CVCC highlighted on Dave Carlsons NORTHLAND ADVENTURS TV

On the weekend of April 21 and 22 the CVCC was featured on Dave Carlson's "Northland Adventures" TV program.  A slightly different version of Lindsey Hayes' report was shown.
Here is a link to the video -  http://www.wqow.com/category/183584/northland-adventures   (Scroll down to the "OUTDOOR RECREATION" Videos)

Soft Maple Tree Removed From Rental House Yard

On Saturday, Apr. 21st the large soft maple tree was removed from the yard of the rental house.  A professional tree trimmer was hired to cut the tree.  The parts were then removed from the yard to the parking lot using the CVCC Kobuta where most of the sections were cut into firewood and the limbs piled.  Check out the pictures added to the Photo Gallery.  The tree was hollow at the base and would not have withstood too much of a storm without falling on the house. 

CVCC Awarded Grant from the Friends of NRA


Past President Kevin King Issues Member Fund Raising Challenge

At the April membership meeting long time member Gordon Ostrum made a donation of $100 to the Shooting Ranges Improvement Fund CD.  Past President Kevin King got to thinking and came up with the idea of starting a CVCC Member Fund Raising Challenge to match Gordon's $100 donation.  At the May membership meeting Kevin issued this challenge to all CVCC members.  The Board and the members of the Shooting Ranges Improvement Committee strongly support this effort. 

Shooting Range Improvement Concept Plan approved at January Meeting

The Shooting Ranges Improvement Committee presented their "Concept Plan" for shooting range improvements at the January 27, 2011 membership meeting.  The overall goal of the committee is to improve our shooting ranges for now and the future.  The CVCC already has one of the best 3D archery ranges in this area and the committee feels we should also have one of the best firearms ranges as well. 

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